All right, Beloved! I AM doing my earthly part, you see–and this is merely the beginning, I am coming to understand! In this NOW, there is a process through which “celestial guidance” must be alchemically transferred into our OWN, as earthly guidance. Actually, it already IS our own, since we are as “celestial” as any other beings who live in our “celestial” proximity. But we are not used to seeing ourselves that way. We are used to feeling isolated and alone, separate from the cosmos that enfolds us, and KNOWS us as family.
No more! We sinply need translations for NOW– just as those of us who live in diferent earthly countries do, in order to recognize the commonality of communications despite the illusion of “language barriers.” And that is where I come in.
So, here are the written Engish words that some have asked me for, of the definitions I used verbally to define sovereignty in the last Love/Light Video, “Sovereign Authority 2013.” Here are also the tools to use for grounding them into your own, earthly, energy grid. It is ALL here for you, this banquet od sovereign expansion! KNOW THAT. NOTHING is withheld from you any longer. Only the pace and the process of ingesting and digesting is of your own, unique, design. Enjoy! ♥

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

As per requests, here are the definitions of “Sovereign”and “Sovereignty” that were given in the last Love/Light Video, “Sovereign Authority 2013.”
1. a: possesed of supreme power; b: unlimited in extent. ABSOLUTE.
2. a: of the most exhalted kind; b: having undisputed ascendancy.
1. a: supremacy of authority or rule; b: freedom from exernal control; c: ruled by no one.
AND, if  you choose to take “sovereign authority” over integrating them (Self-responsibility, in other words!), here are tools to do so:
–Copy them down by hand
Feel them as you do
–Say them aloud afterward
–Make copies, put them up on your bathroom mirror and wherever else you need them most
–Put copies where you don’t think you need them at all
–Say them aloud daily and often
–Speak of your sovereignty to others whenever the opportunity arises (and it will, if you are looking for it, trust me!)

All of…

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