Aries New Moon– Lost and Found

Beloved, we have asked our Judith to “reblog” this post onto our own site because it is a divine example of the “nitty-gritty” (as You say) sort of human experience that feels like “the pits” (as You say!), but to us is gold– the very essence of of the process of “alchemy in action,” at its finest, Do not ever discount your courage to delve into “the pits of darkness” through your human experiences, Beloved! Never forget that as You find your way through, You light the way for ALL–not only those in your human collective, but in your universe,as well. Never forget that this is exactly what You embodied on the planet to do– to get your hands dirty, to fall down, to get your hearts broken open, over and over again–because You CAN. You surely did not come to stand on the sidelines and “pretend to be above all of that drama!” You came in as a MASTER to TRASMUTE that drama through your hands-on courage to LOVE. Remember, as well, that your greatest joy comes from doing just that.
Ah if You could only see yourelf as we do — what a magificent Being You are! Stay the course, Beloved…and very soon, You will begin to see your SELF for yourself.
How we love and honor You. — the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Bless our hearts! The questions I’ve been getting over the last two weeks all have the same painful theme at their core, which is the sudden loss of something or someone that felt extremely important. Whether it be of a coveted job, a friendship, or most often, the heartbreak of losing a lovemate, the suddenness of the loss has felt to many like a “suckerpunch from out of the blue,” as one questioner succintly put it. So, I decided to post one of these questions as an illustration of this “lost and found” process of transition that we’re in. Then, of course, I immediately realized that, as the energies of the Aries New Moon are urging us to let go of the last of our attachments to all that no longer “fits” us at this very moment… and with April at the ready to sweep us into a month of rapid-fire…

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