April is Playing Your Song!

open-book-music-10084579This is Judith, sort of… since the celestial team is braiding with me. They’ve been encouraging this integration of their celestial frequencies with my humanly embodied ones ever since we experimented with it in our last video,  “2014– The Year of Integration.” Of course, this makes perfect sense, since through their perspective, there is no separation between them and me– nor is there between you and your ultradimensional aspects.

Anyway, what I’m doing to get the words on the page is running their frequencies through my human ones, and then translating the whole package into word combinations that will hold it all. So, as you read this message, you’ll probably feel it as neither them or me, but a combination of both. And if you do… I’d love to hear your feedback about how you felt it, and how it felt to feel it!
NOW, on with the post—

As the cosmic beat of 2014 goes on, I’m recognizing that it is actually setting the rhythm of our expansion.  Each month is a movement in an unfolding symphony, and each is necessary in preparing us for the next. And I’m being strongly impulsed to share that perception with you because it will serve to keep the value of what each month presents in conscious focus as a necessary, sequential, foundation to build on. No event will be random. All that occurs, even the tiniest detail, will be in perfect “right timing” for activating and progressing the symphony of your own personal expansion.

WOW. I learned all about that carefully sequenced foundation-building as a shamanic apprentice. Just in case you were hoping to lay low and hide your head in the sand for the next nine months, this is definitely not a year to go unconscious– because you are in the alchemical process of becoming a master! Just as the Hopi Elders predicted, “YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for.” And the waiting is over. You’re becoming that YOU every minute. Congratulations!

Check it out. March drummed up external reflections of our “inner caves of fear” with enough intensity to propel us right into them. And the precious treasure many of us discovered, buried way down deep in the darkest parts of ourselves, is that every one of our fears is SELF-generated. Doesn’t matter what scared us into fear in the first place. We’re the ones who held onto it. So, we learned the shocking lesson that choosing to hold onto fear is a form of self-abandonment.

I know that was a tough lesson. I know that facing responsibility for abdicating one’s own power required considerable spiritual maturity. But here’s what else I found out– its the process of reclaiming sovereignty over our lives that grows us right into spiritual maturity! How fabulous is that? Especially considering that without taking responsibility for our own experiences, we would continue to be enslaved by old conditioned pattens of helplessness… and since one obviously can’t proceed into mastery and choose enslavement at the same time… well, then we would have used the sequential lessons of 2014 to amplify fear rather than mastery… and sorry, I don’t even want to focus on that enough to say another word about it.

Instead, lets just say hallelujah to March for taking us through the dark to find the treasure that is our power of choice, shall we? Because with two eclipses and a grand cross that has been building for decades all packed into April, we are going to need it. The rhythms all throughout the month will be fast and furious– too fast to dance to, too furious too ignore, maybe even too much to handle altogether… unless WE become the conductors, which is the grand design this month.

The symphonies of our lives are now fully our own to conduct as we choose. How wildly exhilarating this has the potential to be, using our creative freedom without restraint! Or, if we don’t use it, to live through a wild caccophony of a month in desperate need of a conductor (which would be you and me). Most likely, it will be a mix of both for the first half of the month, as we get used to being the orchestrators. Hopefully by the second half, however, we’ll have gotten the hang of it, because the way we play April out will set a tone that will echo through many years to come. Another way to put it is that April is a crossroads on the path of our lives. It’s “transformation time,” in other words!

With that established, I strongly suggest that you consider every choice you make this month with conscious focus on whether it is in alignment with the way YOU want to live, and the sort of life YOU wish to actualize. Consider yourself a trailblazer, and every choice becomes part of the new trail. Otherwise, you’re likely to end up lost in the woods, going in circles… which is OK, too, of course. No choice is right or wrong… maybe you just want explore the experience of “lost” for awhile longer!

Which brings us back to the point, which is that whatever you choose, YOU are the chooser. That’s the BIG lesson we learned in “the caves of March”… unless you chose not to, of course, which is also cool. Your choice! The only thing you cannot choose is to not have a choice. You always do, and you always are the chooser.

By the way, if this post seems a bit too convoluted to take in all at once, I understand. It was too convoluted for me to write all at once, too. Every single sentence is my best shot at what was often a time-consuming process of condensing a multitude of layered information into plain English. But don’t let all of those layers deter you, because all that really matters is that you understand that April is playing your song.

Only you can orchestrate it. And no worries about your competence! If you weren’t already an acclaimed conductor, you wouldn’t be on this planet at this time in the first place. So choose to savor every minute of stepping into the spotlight of conducting your very own creation. It is YOUR life, after all… en-JOY! ♥


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Copyright(c) 2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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  2. Hi Judith – I could definitely feel the blend – and I enjoyed it. Regards

    Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014 07:10:54 +0000
    To: dandybro@outlook.com


  3. Hey Judith. Can definitely relate to what you mentioned about choices…I’m finding it very difficult to make the simplest decisions, for fear of making a wrong one. I want every decision to be for my highest good and to be perfect for me..I can’t seem to get clarity and that sure feeling, or to trust myself. It’s driving me mad and really upsetting me! I feel my head is spinning, and as you mentioned, very lost. I hope that this phase will soon pass. Thank you for your message, much love. Gemma


    • Thank YOU, Gemma, for sharing your current “dis-equilibrium” through your comment. You are certainly not alone! What I have learned through experience is that phases pass when we no longer care whether they do or not! This may seem paradoxical, but at the energetic level, it makes perfect sense. Resistance amplifies the energy of whatever we resist, since by definition, resistance requires something to resist. Once we accept “feeling lost,” we relax and allow the experience to tranform– often, it becomes curiousity and/or excitment, based on the the awareness that we are moving beyond what used to feel familiar. Give yourself “time” to get into acceptance of how moving into the unknown feels. Then, make choices that align with the frequencies of what your “highest good” feels like, rather than with attachment to expectations of outcome, or what form it will take. Navigating energetically is not a linear process, you see. Rather than going from “A to B to C.” its more like going “deeper into A,” and letting all unfold in ways that surpass expectations (which are only based on the past, after all!).
      Hope that helps a little, Gemma! Much Lov/Light to you,


      • gemmajean2013

         /  April 9, 2014

        Wow, thank you so much for your reply! It really makes sense to me and has helped me a lot. Sharing what I’m experiencing has also been helpful in itself as it has meant I’ve been able to detach from it and be the observer. Knowing this is part of the journey towards becoming a ‘conductor’ and master is also reassuring, and has helped to settle my mind a lot. Feeling deeper into the first step and going with the flow to let the rest unravel is also valuable advice, so thank you so much! Much love and light to you! Gemma


      • My pleasure!
        ♥ Judith


  1. Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – April Is Playing Your Song! – 7 April 2014 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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