6.26.14 What Are You Made of? Do You KNOW?

Beloved, we greet You with great, fond, familiarity! We DO know who and what YOU are very well, You see. Not only do we know, but we could not connect with You if You were not what You are. In truth, we would very likely not know You at all. That is because, if You were not made of the same thing we are, You would not be in the same universe we are. Take those words in, Beloved, and You will find a universe of truth encoded within them… a universe of which You are a precious and crucial part. Then take this post into the heart of your Being, breathe in the resonance until your frequncies sing along. Once You have integrated that song, all else will begin to “fall into place,” as You say.
How we LOVE You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

This is THE MAJOR awareness to integrate right NOW.

Are you onboard with that awareness? If so, FABULOUS.
It is critical, if you want to move on from where you’ve been (which is probably repeating some old pattern or three that have become literally UNBEARABLE, I’d wager..)

You know that energy is not something you “have” or do not “have.”
You do not “have” an energy field.
Nor an etheric field. Nor an auric field. Nor any other field that is not you.

If you have seen photographs of such so-called fields, reading these words may trigger quite an energy pattern of protest within you.
If you an are energy sensitive and so perceive such patterns experientially, you may even feel activated into downright outrage.

If either of those are happening,  just hold on a minute. Note those reactions.

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