Beloved… we ARE all in this together. We ARE with You, You ARE with us. It is “time” to remember. It is time to rejoice.
Always and in all ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Energy, particle connection

Frequency surge! Do you feel it?

We have just collectively moved out of an integrating phase (which has a murky, “going nowhere” kind of frequency), into an integrated propulsion of clarity.

YOU created it!

Do not intellectualize it.
Do not argue with it.

You do not need to know what it means in order to embrace it.
Simply TUNE IN, and let the energy SHOW YOU what it means– to you personally.

Whoa, I have so many things coming to me to share with you in this moment!

But first… we need to be “in flow”… otherwise, everything I pour to you will run right OFF you, and so be… a waste, a loss, a drain… however you see it, I will FEEL it.

As energetic beings, we either take responsibility for what that means– or not.

Oh, please DO…

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