Important Message NOW– Your FREQUENCY Is Your State Of BEING!


Beloved, we bring You a most important message in this moment of your NOW!

Hear us please. It is FREQUENCY that is your State of BEING.
Until NOW, You have used your emotional state, your mental state, your physical state, to reflect your State of BEING back to You. Yet what You experience through them is not truly your State of BEING, but various expressions of states that You have chosen to experience. Nor are they even current expressions, but “leftovers, shall we say, of past experiences! Nonetheless– although experiencing a past creation and calling it the present has never served You very well in creating NEW States of BEING–  it was workable enough to at least maintain a sense of equilibrium.

NOW it is NOT.
NOW, You are in far more potent frequencies, and higher ones as well. NOW, your OWN frequencies are also higher and more potent. NOW, experiencing a State of BEING in the present that You created in the past will be to miss who YOU are NOW entirely. Moreover, to be unaware that You are NOW manifesting experiences into form very rapidly will have You suddenly living in a few that You never wished to experience AT ALL.

Beloved, the long gap between creating an experience energetically and its manifestation into form has shrunk considerably, and will continue to. What used to take You years, then months, then weeks, to manifest as a State of BEING, NOW takes days, or hours, or minutes.

And here is something else. It will not serve You any longer to misinterpret your emotional, physical, or mental states as FEELINGS, for they are “second hand” at best– they are merely indicators of how the FREQUENCIES of what You have already, and/or are in the process of creating, FEEL.

If your frequencies resonate with sadness, for example, do not say “I FEEL sad!”
If You do, You will only set the frequencies of sadness as your chosen State of BEING.
Instead, FEEL the FREQUENCIES You want to FEEL MORE of. There are ALWAYS ways to find them within You, for there is ALWAYS a little of what You have created from them in your life, already. And the more You hold onto them, the more of them You create.

Truly, it is that simple. Truly, You are ALL magicians… which is nothing “special,” by the way, in YOUR case. It is simply the way You are made. In truth, it has been MUCH more challenging for You to hold onto frequencies of powerless. Indeed, You have constantly amazed us with your mastery!

How we Love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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