NEW Energy, NEW Paradigm, NEW Way of BEing– A Series of 4 Energy Tele-Gatherings with Judith & the celestial team coming in MAY!


This is Judith, and YES, finally the NEW ENERGY Tele-Gathering I felt forming is on its way, and in a NEW form as well, of course– since everything is NEW these days (and NEW won’t stop coming, either). THIS Energy Tele-Gathering is coming as a series of FOUR weekly segments beginning on the first Sunday in May. But as I attempted to describe them to you in words, the most extraordinary thing happened. All that came through clearly was a sampling of the many crucial topics and lessons that will be offered… and then I was STOPPED!

And stopped again. Hello, Beloved! Extra-ordinary indeed, are we not… stoppng our Judith in this audacious way?  Well, we are no more extra-ordinary than You are NOW (whether or not You are audacious). In truth, we stopped her from describing our NEW ENERGY Tele-Gatherings in written words precisely because of how extra-ordinary You have become. Words are a very poor substitute for FREQUENCY. We suggest You stop relying on mere words at all, because they will tell You very little from NOW on. That is why we asked our Judith to simply sit down in front of her camera. Oh yes, she was surprised! She had no idea what to say… but she did it anyway.

She just opened her mouth and started to talk– how else was she going to keep your attention while she/we/your guides/your “higher self ” (which is actually You) communicated to You, in You, more than words ever could? So watch the video, Beloved. Do listen to the talking of course, for the human voice when spoken from the heart is the most powerful instrument of all through which to carry frequency, and words help the listener to decode them when used in this way. And take in all that is NOT said in words but through them, around them, between them! We wanted You to get it ALL, You see… or will see, soon enough.

Okay, then… Judith again. Here’s the video. Right under it is the sampling of crucial topics, etc., that will be part of the NEW ENERGY Tele-Gatherings (as well as energy alignments, frequency attunements, and answers to personal questions whether you ask them or not). And right under that is everything else you need to know, including how to register.

The Power of Your Frequency and How to USE It;
The Transformative Power of Understanding PARADOX;
Using the Law of Resonance in Tricky Relationship Dynamics;
Using the Law of Reciprocity to Create Frequency-Resonant Experiences;
Tools to Use When Where You WANT to Be is Too Big a Leap;
The MAGIC FREQUENCY for Creating Something NEW;
The MAGIC INTENTION that Makes the Best Choice FOR You.

Everything else you need to know, including how to register–

Sundays, May 3rd, May 10th, and May 17
4:00 p.m. pstd until 5:30-6:00 p.m pstd
(when the tele-gathering is complete, in other words)

Reciprocal Energy Exchange:
$20 each or $70.00 for all four
With recording, add $5.00 for each, $20.00 for all four
Recording only: $15.00 each, $50.00 for all four

To Register:
Press the “Donate” tab in the right side bar,
offer your reciprocal energy exchange via Paypal,
specify the tele-gathering(s) or recording(s) it is intended for,
and THAT’S IT! You’re in the circuit the moment its received.
The international phone number for your location and personal access code to the tele-
gathering will be sent you well in advance by email.

Much Love/Light to You, Beloved! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

P.S. Judith here.
In case you’re wondering why the reciprocal energy exchange (some call it “cost” but please don’t use those frequencies HERE) for the Tele-Gatherings is so “low” (ditto)… that is a very good question to ponder. Especially since a few followers who are “competitive marketing experts” (yikes) tell me they are “worth” $70- $90 each. And they get very LOUD about that once they find out I live hand-to- mouth just… doing what I do for free (bless their hearts)– which I LOVE doing, btw! Just sayin’… something to ponder, isn’t it? For me, too… for ALL of us.


Copyright(c) 2015, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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