2.8.12 You ARE Happening. FEEL the Movement Within.

2/8/12– Love/Light Message for Navigating NOW from the celestial team

Intro from Judith: Whoa! This message  is the first one I’ve ever transmitted without even knowing I was doing so until I was IN it!  I was emailing  “a few words”  the celestial team wanted to share with a friend of mine when it happened. The next thing I knew, I was delivering a Love/Light Message to YOU.  It illustrated just how fluid “reality” has become. It also demonstrated just how eager the celestial team is to connect with you, and with the pulse of our entire collective, as we sweep into these energies that give us no option but to choose whether or not to be actively awake and engaged–or not. 

In fact, the celestial team wants SO much to assist, support, and just plain love us–YOU–through the processes of getting on our individual and collective feet NOW– that they have begun to blossom through any crack they can find! And so here they are, bursting forth through one I’d never anticipated, with their nurturing, eternal, desire to guide you– and all of us– through the ebbs and flows of some very powerful energy. This message, I am sure, has to do with the impatience and restlessness that our full moon in Leo has stirred up in so many of us.  Here they are, then–the loving, modulating, (but always fizzy, nonetheless!)  frequencies of the celestial team:


You are fruit-bearing, growing, beings–and you are multi-dimensional ones NOW! One aspect of your multidimensional nature is that you do not only bear one kind of fruit, and only in one season! Always, new seeds are germinating, and then taking root in the creative wombs within your centers. As this is occurring, your energies are drawn within you as well, for you are the very source of life for these fruits. (And yes, we mean the males as well as the females among you! NOW, how magical and wonderful is that?!)

Then, there is even more magic–the fruit appears on one of your many branches of light! Of course, next comes the ripening process, and this is when you currently have the hardest time simply “allowing!” You see the fruit, you feel it, and so you want to share it, and bless your eager and generous hearts for that. Bless you, Beloveds. Know, always, that you are cherished and blessed.

Know also that, as you let yourselves learn to tune into your own internal growing processes– to your own creativity– you will find it easier to wait for these ripenings.. You will instead begin to simply revel in the wonder of watching an aspect of yourself ripen. Know as well that, eventually, you will be sprouting new seeds even while you share the fruits that are ripe on your magic vines of light, all at once in a continuous flow of your NOWS!

Oh, you will be glorious! In faith, you already are. Time is an illusion, remember, and so we can already see you! Be patient, then, Beloveds, as you get the hang of growing into your glory. Just as a mother feels new life stirring in her womb, and learns to tell an elbow from a foot as aliveness moves within her, so trust all of your own inner movements NOW. Cherish every nudge and kick  as much as we cherish YOU, for each one is precious proof that what is within you is growing–and that it is already ALIVE.”

How we  love you! Always, and in All Ways.  –the celestial team



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