New Video; Integrating the Divine Masculine & Feminine, HUMAN Style!

This is the celestial team. We greet You with LOVE and honor. As always, it is our greatest joy to connect with You, Beloved! We do so NOW because we wish to introduce a most important video to You, and we do so at this very moment within your month of April by crucial design.

yin_yang_treeThe Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies reside within YOU, and in every member of your human collective. However, unless they are integrated back into Wholeness, You will be unable to expand beyond the limitations that splitting them in two has imposed on You. Surely that makes “sense” even through 3rd dimensional logic, does it not? 

Beloved, NOW is the time! As we shared in January’s video, 2014 is your Year of Integration, and what we have recently shared is that April is a powerfully dynamic “crossroads month.”  It is one in which your choices regarding the “state of being” You wish to live in will have long-lasting effects. In other words, the choices You make this month will be very potent ones. Therefore, Beloved, You see how important it is to choose to integrate the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies within You this very month–this very moment!  

Oh, our frequecies are full with much that pertains to the importance of this Divine Masculine and Feminine reunion! Yet because it cannot be conveyed through 3rd dimensional language, our earth member, Judith (and yours as well), is carefully encoding all that we wish to share into little “energy packets,” You might say, within the words. Therefore, our message will be seemingly brief if measured by words alone. If You take our frequencies in through your heart center as You read the words, however, You will have many presents to open over the coming days!

Perhaps the greatest, and the ones that will have the most profound effect on your human energy system, are in the video, itself. That is because we persuaded our Judith to run all of this encoded information through her and live with it before making our video. Thus, she has much to share about the human process of using the external reflections “within the mundane” as the divine personal guidance that is there for You in every moment… IF You wish to use them, of course.

All right, then! We will say little more before asking our Judith to add a few of her own frequency-encoded words, except to ask you to remember your Yeshuwah’s oft-delivered, divinely encoded reminder… but wait. Yeshuwah is coming forward.

This is Yeshuwah.
Yes, Beloved, we wish to bring the reminder to You personally.
You cannot heal separation that appears to be outside of You lest You heal it within.

Understand! It is the division of your own Wholeness within that You see reflected around You as divisiveness in your human family.
And let us be clear.  The splitting of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies was the very seeding of separation, and is NOW the root that sustains it.
The eye of the needle is WITHIN YOU, Beloved!

How would it be possible to be a Light of Unity Consciousness from an instrument that emits frequencies of separation?
Integrate, then, and expand yourSelf  Whole again!
Integrate on behalf of the all of You, for all of You are ONE.

Remember your Glory!

We ask our Judith to speak.

This is Judith. I’ll be brief. This process of integration that is the very reason why we are here is not “loftier than we are.” It is “down to earth,” where WE are. Christ Consciousness speaks to us every single day, through parables the universe provides for us. In other words, the lessons of our divinity are delivered in the mundane… because the “mundane” is easy to understand, and is also divine. En-joy the video. ♥

Enjoy the video, Beloved!  Enjoy becoming Whole again! How we love You… Always and in All Ways– the celestial team 

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April is Playing Your Song!

open-book-music-10084579This is Judith, sort of… since the celestial team is braiding with me. They’ve been encouraging this integration of their celestial frequencies with my humanly embodied ones ever since we experimented with it in our last video,  “2014– The Year of Integration.” Of course, this makes perfect sense, since through their perspective, there is no separation between them and me– nor is there between you and your ultradimensional aspects.

Anyway, what I’m doing to get the words on the page is running their frequencies through my human ones, and then translating the whole package into word combinations that will hold it all. So, as you read this message, you’ll probably feel it as neither them or me, but a combination of both. And if you do… I’d love to hear your feedback about how you felt it, and how it felt to feel it!
NOW, on with the post—

As the cosmic beat of 2014 goes on, I’m recognizing that it is actually setting the rhythm of our expansion.  Each month is a movement in an unfolding symphony, and each is necessary in preparing us for the next. And I’m being strongly impulsed to share that perception with you because it will serve to keep the value of what each month presents in conscious focus as a necessary, sequential, foundation to build on. No event will be random. All that occurs, even the tiniest detail, will be in perfect “right timing” for activating and progressing the symphony of your own personal expansion.

WOW. I learned all about that carefully sequenced foundation-building as a shamanic apprentice. Just in case you were hoping to lay low and hide your head in the sand for the next nine months, this is definitely not a year to go unconscious– because you are in the alchemical process of becoming a master! Just as the Hopi Elders predicted, “YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for.” And the waiting is over. You’re becoming that YOU every minute. Congratulations!

Check it out. March drummed up external reflections of our “inner caves of fear” with enough intensity to propel us right into them. And the precious treasure many of us discovered, buried way down deep in the darkest parts of ourselves, is that every one of our fears is SELF-generated. Doesn’t matter what scared us into fear in the first place. We’re the ones who held onto it. So, we learned the shocking lesson that choosing to hold onto fear is a form of self-abandonment.

I know that was a tough lesson. I know that facing responsibility for abdicating one’s own power required considerable spiritual maturity. But here’s what else I found out– its the process of reclaiming sovereignty over our lives that grows us right into spiritual maturity! How fabulous is that? Especially considering that without taking responsibility for our own experiences, we would continue to be enslaved by old conditioned pattens of helplessness… and since one obviously can’t proceed into mastery and choose enslavement at the same time… well, then we would have used the sequential lessons of 2014 to amplify fear rather than mastery… and sorry, I don’t even want to focus on that enough to say another word about it.

Instead, lets just say hallelujah to March for taking us through the dark to find the treasure that is our power of choice, shall we? Because with two eclipses and a grand cross that has been building for decades all packed into April, we are going to need it. The rhythms all throughout the month will be fast and furious– too fast to dance to, too furious too ignore, maybe even too much to handle altogether… unless WE become the conductors, which is the grand design this month.

The symphonies of our lives are now fully our own to conduct as we choose. How wildly exhilarating this has the potential to be, using our creative freedom without restraint! Or, if we don’t use it, to live through a wild caccophony of a month in desperate need of a conductor (which would be you and me). Most likely, it will be a mix of both for the first half of the month, as we get used to being the orchestrators. Hopefully by the second half, however, we’ll have gotten the hang of it, because the way we play April out will set a tone that will echo through many years to come. Another way to put it is that April is a crossroads on the path of our lives. It’s “transformation time,” in other words!

With that established, I strongly suggest that you consider every choice you make this month with conscious focus on whether it is in alignment with the way YOU want to live, and the sort of life YOU wish to actualize. Consider yourself a trailblazer, and every choice becomes part of the new trail. Otherwise, you’re likely to end up lost in the woods, going in circles… which is OK, too, of course. No choice is right or wrong… maybe you just want explore the experience of “lost” for awhile longer!

Which brings us back to the point, which is that whatever you choose, YOU are the chooser. That’s the BIG lesson we learned in “the caves of March”… unless you chose not to, of course, which is also cool. Your choice! The only thing you cannot choose is to not have a choice. You always do, and you always are the chooser.

By the way, if this post seems a bit too convoluted to take in all at once, I understand. It was too convoluted for me to write all at once, too. Every single sentence is my best shot at what was often a time-consuming process of condensing a multitude of layered information into plain English. But don’t let all of those layers deter you, because all that really matters is that you understand that April is playing your song.

Only you can orchestrate it. And no worries about your competence! If you weren’t already an acclaimed conductor, you wouldn’t be on this planet at this time in the first place. So choose to savor every minute of stepping into the spotlight of conducting your very own creation. It is YOUR life, after all… en-JOY! ♥


♥ ♥ ♥

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Aries New Moon– Lost and Found


Beloved, we have asked our Judith to “reblog” this post onto our own site because it is a divine example of the “nitty-gritty” (as You say) sort of human experience that feels like “the pits” (as You say!), but to us is gold– the very essence of of the process of “alchemy in action,” at its finest, Do not ever discount your courage to delve into “the pits of darkness” through your human experiences, Beloved! Never forget that as You find your way through, You light the way for ALL–not only those in your human collective, but in your universe,as well. Never forget that this is exactly what You embodied on the planet to do– to get your hands dirty, to fall down, to get your hearts broken open, over and over again–because You CAN. You surely did not come to stand on the sidelines and “pretend to be above all of that drama!” You came in as a MASTER to TRASMUTE that drama through your hands-on courage to LOVE. Remember, as well, that your greatest joy comes from doing just that.
Ah if You could only see yourelf as we do — what a magificent Being You are! Stay the course, Beloved…and very soon, You will begin to see your SELF for yourself.
How we love and honor You. — the celestial team

Originally posted on judithdagleyflaherty,mft:

Bless our hearts! The questions I’ve been getting over the last two weeks all have the same painful theme at their core, which is the sudden loss of something or someone that felt extremely important. Whether it be of a coveted job, a friendship, or most often, the heartbreak of losing a lovemate, the suddenness of the loss has felt to many like a “suckerpunch from out of the blue,” as one questioner succintly put it. So, I decided to post one of these questions as an illustration of this “lost and found” process of transition that we’re in. Then, of course, I immediately realized that, as the energies of the Aries New Moon are urging us to let go of the last of our attachments to all that no longer “fits” us at this very moment… and with April at the ready to sweep us into a month of rapid-fire…

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“The Cave You Fear to Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek.”

The title of this message is a quote by Joseph Campbell, and this is Judith. The celestial team and I haven’t posted an entry for quite awhile, I know…or do I? Maybe we posted one in the time/space that seems like “recently” to you, while to me it seems like a “long time ago.”

All I do know is that I’ve been so completely engaged in some very sharp and sudden twists and hairpin turns in what I thought was my “reality” that I haven’t been able to even conceptualize it, let alone write about. it.  And I still can’t (ha!), but I suddenly felt compelled to write about that…even though I don’t know what “that” is… although I do know it has something to do with caves and treasures, because I was also compelled to begin this post with Joseph Campbell’s quote…

Now there’s an insight into whatever the “that” is that I’m writing about–I used to choose quotes, and now quotes are choosing me! And I got it. What I’m writing about is how, over the past few weeks, “reality” does not conform to my expectations at all. Nor do I. Instead, “reality” has taken the lead, entirely, and I’m just following along as best I can.

Much of the time, the “reality” I create is not the one I intended to. Neither do I behave in alignment with my intentions. Meaning, I’ll upset my own applecart, break my own heart, walk into a castle and turn it into a cave.

This is not only messy, heartbreaking, and disorienting, but it feels so crazy that I question my own motives...and if I can’t trust myself, who can I trust? And thank heavens, here’s the celestial team to take the reigns of this runaway post before it goes over the edge completely–

Ah, Beloved! We wanted our Judith to share her “felt experience” as an earthly human before we shared our perspective for two reasons. Firstly, if her experience resonates with your own in even the slightest way, then You will receive our transmission in a more personal, experiential way. Secondly, because what her experience illustrates is how illusionary your “perceived reality” is, and how “crazy” the process of expanding beyond it often seems.

When one moves “out of time” for example, there is no linear ordering of experience. One can, indeed, enter a castle that becomes a cave. That is because it is not the form of the castle that You seek, but the frequencies You associate with that form. And sometimes, those frequencies can only be found in a cave. Sometimes, the very treasure You seek is one that You must go through your inner cave to find.

Sometimes, in order to BE LOVE, one must find the buried aspects of Self that are NOT loved and so manifest as “unloving.” Sometimes, the only way to find them is to excavate them through the explosives You call “drama.” And although we do not condone “drama” as a way of being, such explosions  often accompany the chaos that is the very process of transformation, itself.

Therefore, Beloved, we ask You to be very gentle with yourSelf as you approach your equinox. Suspend all judgments. The jury is not only out… it is GONE.

Recognize yourSelf as a human being who is stepping into LOVE, and so creating any event necessary that will uncover every hidden aspect of yourSelf that needs to be Loved. We have heard your term for such aspects as they surface. You say, “He, or she, has ‘demons.’ ”

Please do not use that term any longer. Such aspects are only demonstrating their terror at being cast out as “unlovable.” So LOVE your “demons.” It is only through doing so that they will become your greatest allies in not only finding, but BECOMING, the very treasure that You seek. 

 You are in a process of metamorphosis, from believing yourSelf to be a “merely human being” into reclaiming yourSelf as a Divinely Human Being. It may help You to remember this by keeping the metaphor of a caterpillar in mind. Just imagine how appalled it would be at finding the embodiment it called “self” turn to churning liiquid,  if it judged that process! Just imagine how traumatic such a metamorphosis would be if entered with the energy of fear!

Trust the chaos, Beloved. It is not simply a butterfy that You are transforming into. You are becoming a Monarch.

How we love You! Always and in All Ways, and most especially your amazing caterpillar Self, who alone in the universe holds the power for such total transformation. — the celestial team 


Copyright(c)2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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Allow Yourself to Gestate!


This post is from me, Judith, reblogged from what I’ve called my “earthly website.” AND, it is from the celestial team. You who have become attuned to frequencies will understand exactly what I mean when you read the post. During this incredible phase of integration we are currently in… the “earthly” and the “celestial” are, indeed, becoming ONE.

Originally posted on judithdagleyflaherty,mft:

I want to share a question a client asked me yesterday, as well as my response to it, because it seems to be “THE QUESTION” every client asks me these days, albeit in their own, unique ways–

“I make lists of what I want to accomplish every day, and ticking them off fuels my momentum. But lately, I seem to have lost all my motivation. I don’t even see the point of doing things that have always been really important to me! All I want to do is lay around and vegetate, which is very new, and scary because its not like me at all.  How did I get so stuck?”

And my response–
As I attune to your energies, they (you) feel very far from “stuck!” Quite the opposite, just as you said yourself– what you are experiencing is NEW. And how, and where, is NEW created on…

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Pisces New Moon– A User’s Guide

Hi, this is Judith. And if you’re surprised by the title of this post…well, so was I when it first popped out of me. That is, until I realized that it is exactly what I needed to put together for myself! Even though I’ve been synchronizing my own process with the energetic support offered by the phases of the moon for a very long time, this new moon is a completely NEW experience, altogether.

Therefore, I tuned into reading all of the different frequencies that are contributing to THIS one’s energy, much in the way we do research about any topic of interest. We read different sources, then compile them by interweaving them into ONE thread… you know exactly what I mean. Its just that in this case, I did it by reading energy rather than words (which, at the risk of sounding repetitive, you also know exactly how to do).

Whoa, the celestial team absolutely LOVES that I just pointed that out! They are fizzing their agreement all over this post, can you feel it? Ahhhh… but whoops. Before I merge into the fizz entirely, I’d better get on with putting it all into words–because they really like this post –so onward! ( I’ll merge into the fizz when I press the “publish” button, lol…)

NOW! About this “user’s guide!” First, please consider the following elements–
* Mercury turned direct in Aquarius yesterday (2/28) at noon, pst. Both represent “air energy.”
* The moon reached fullness today in Pisces, conjunct Neptune, at noon, pst. All three represent “water energy.”
* Today, 3.1.14, is numerologcally an 11, which is a master number that represents a doorway into the NEW.

So! We’ve got a whole lot of water in the air, for one thing. (Here in Los Angeles, btw, that is being expressed quite literally with a whole lot of rain… which has been a long time coming…) But what does this mean for humans all over the planet, at the personal level?
Here we go–

* Since air signs process mentally, brains are likely to be feeling a bit soggy–or foggy, at the least–for the next couple of days.

* Since water signs process emotionally, emotions may be flooding up and out into the air as if a dam just burst. In many cases, this deluge may be flowing out as tears, and often over the “silliest,” most surprising things…or so you “think” (if you can think, that is).

To top it all off, today’s a “Doorway Day!” Yep, we’re in a portal, with the opportunity to move into something NEW— and we can neither think nor see clearly. Perhaps you’re getting why I decided a user’s guide might come in handy… So here it is–

* First of all, this is not a weekend to be “out there doing things.” This is a time to make yourself as cozy as you can, inside your own home and your own being, and LET that water flow!

* LET the tears flow freely.

* LET yourself feel your emotions as they run through you freely, too. Cry them out, write them out, paint them out, express them in any way you want to (other than by taking them out ON somebody, of course). Obviously, it is time to just release them. They want out, so just LET them go.

* LET your emotions (water) freely deluge your brain (air) as you release them—its a GOOD thing to “clear the air!” All that water will loosen the hold of any thoughts and beliefs that have kept those old, painful, emotions trapped inside you.. which has only kept you swamped in recreating scenarios that match them.

THIS is how you will create your portal–into NEW experiences, FREE of old emotional baggage and the thoughts that kept you running them on “repeat.”

So go ahead and open the floodgates!
* THIS is a “time” when you do NOT have to “hold it all together.”
* THIS is a “time” of allowing the old internal structures of self-limitation to fall apart.
* THIS is a “time” of allowing yourself to become unbalanced, in order to find NEW balance in NEW freedom, NEW possibilities–to prepare to live a NEW experience of yourself that is aligned with your heart’s desires.

AND… as the debris washes away, and your emotional waters evaporate into the mental space of your brain…. what clarity you will have as you see your very own NEW portal begin to emerge!


Copyright(c) 2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.
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2.22.14 Musings from the Stew of Love


Ah, Beloved!
Never doubt the wisdom within You, nor how much You teach those of us in the higher realms as You open to explore and express your awakenings to your deeper truths. We tell You that we have gained more in our own expansion through the privilege of receiving the channelings of “one of your own” as she transmiitted this post than You can imagine– yet!
How creative, how clever, how heartfelt– how RICH You all are, in your capacity to FEEL your way into your own divinity! What a glorious and nourishing “Stew of Love” such a gift brings to your universe.
How we love YOU! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Originally posted on judithdagleyflaherty,mft:

WHY is it so “hard” to see that the most precious gifts we bring to one another are our differences? Why are we so AFRAID to receive the rich expansions we offer one another?

In this amazing stew that is our human collective…WHY do we pretend that we are NOT in it… and actually confuse pretending with “reality?” Ha. (It does sound kinda funny, you have to admit.)

Of course, wearing my psychotherapist hat from a sytem’s perspective, I’d identify it as “massive, socially-induced denial at the global scale.” From a psychodynamic perspective, it would be “attachment disorder resulting from narcisisstic jury.” I could go on. There are a wholelot of theories, and a whole lot of “experts” playing this game of fear, you know! All trying to do the same thing their “patients” are, which is to “pretend” that tbeyare notin the soup. So blah…

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2.12.14 Full Leo Moon on Valentine’s Day!


Beloved, as You are already feeling, your Valentine’s Day has a very different frequency than any You have experienced before. Take NOTICE of that, please! THIS one can be a day when You reap a NEW bountiful harvest, or it may be a day of NEW reckoning (at last!). Eiither way, a day when the “AHA lightbulb” is ready to light up for all who are running the currents of NOW through them, which is a VERY “good thing!” After all, You would not choose to stay in the dark anymore, would You? Not NOW, when magic abounds! Especially when it is becoming so obvious that NOW, You would have to “work very hard at NOT “seeing” that YOU are the magician!
We love You. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team

Originally posted on judithdagleyflaherty,mft:

A full Leo moon coming up–  on Valentine’s Day! And, since I’m sure that anyone who reads my posts knows by NOW that such “co-incidences” are exactly that– energetically co-created occurances– YOU must feel the powerful opportunity it offers already building, just as I do!

It is most definitely “time” to ACT–to pounce like a lion, if you will, into every moment that presents itself to express and share love– freely, transparently, and without defenses.

After all, it is only those who don’t want others to see them who wish to hide. Only those who believe they deserve attack or rejection would ever feel a need for defenses. Only those who reject themselves, in other words, and so are not yet up to being love-able.

Oh, how painful that must be in this powerfully activating year! I am very sure it is exactly those that feel too

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1.8.14 The Love Connection


Hello, Beloved, we are the celestial team–although we hope You recognize us through our frequencies by NOW, and so no longer need such a superfluous introduction! We are here to offer our two cents about our Judith’s post, which is also about going beyond any prior limitations You have placed on your ability to perceive. It IS “TIME.” That is why we prefer such revelations to come through our earthly member NOW. When we transmit them directly to You THROUGH her, You often still feel them as coming from what You call a “higher” dimension, and so “out of your range,” in the old paradigm, linear way of regulating experience. Although we always tell You that this “higher dimension” is within You already, and always has been instantly accessible through your heart center, it has felt like “quite a stretch” for many who do not believe in themselves to believe that, we know. And so, it is “TIME” to read/hear/feel your human/celestial truths channeled through a human/celestial being just as YOU are (and one who shares the human experience with You “full throttle,” we might say!) We encourage You to drink in your own human/celestial truth, “human-to-human,” through this post, as well as through others that will follow. And we hope that You will get used to finding yourSelf through one another! That IS the way the game of Unity Consciousness is played. The game of Love, in other words–which IS the game You are here to play, is it not? We love You. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team

Originally posted on judithdagleyflaherty,mft:

“We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.” 
– Albert Einstein

Ha, I love this quote! And like everything that makes me laugh, it’s rooted in truth. After all, how could anything that’s been used to recycle old data even be expected to have “personality?”

Yet we’ve been using “3rd dimensional brain muscles” (which categorize all of our experiences, while filtering out all that do not fit into its “already known” categories) as the source of our intellect (which is defined as “the ability to think, reason, and learn”)– for aeons. Therefore, recycling the past into various repeating patterns in the present has been our illusionary and limited way of perceiving “reality!”

Can you believe it? Yikes. Well, if any of you have ever “thought” your life was boring… NOW at least you know why. (And that’s a really…

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1.30.14 New Aquarius Super Moon– A Tipping Point!


This post came through in a swoop, right in the midst of some special “tipping plans” of my own— but so powerfully that I felt compelled to drop everything (literally!) to get it written down and off to you. So here you go– happy tipping!

Originally posted on judithdagleyflaherty,mft:

Not only are we in the innovative energies of our new moon, but numerologically, today is also a master number–11, in this case, which is a doorway into the NEW. Personally, I am feeling this combination very powerfully as a “tipping point,” a day when old meets NEW, and that it will be the conscious choices I make over this weekend  that will determine which way I “tip.”

Yep, if this resonates with the way you are also feeling the new moon energy– this is responsibility “time!”  You are the Sovereign Authority over your own creations. What YOU say, GOES. Nothing can interfere with the frequencies of your choices. Not NOW, not ever. At last, you havethe freedom to create out of Love, and so live in Love! How wonderful is that?!!

Of course, this will not sound like wonderful news to those who would rather continue playing…

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