Hello, Beloved!
Suddenly, we are very near You… letting You know we are with You at important moments, hovering over You with posts… indeed we are. But that is not because WE’VE come nearer to YOU, it is because YOU have come nearer to US.  You SHIFTED into a higher frequency octave.  As with any NEW experience, You will only know it’s “isness”  as You discover what it is for yourself experientially. The same is true for discovering your own NEW  “isness”…

We are sharing something our Judith just posted on “her earthly website”… we will ask her to type that for us…
We are also asking her to tell You why.

Judith here. The reason is because I did not write the post alone. Not that ever do anything “alone,” but as “I” wrote this post, “I” was the celestial team and me. Actually, I didn’t even experience enough separation to merit the word and… there wasn’t any boundary line between us at all. “I” was a “WE.” That was “my” SHIFT, and I’m sure that’s the reason “they” asked “me” to tell you about why a post on “my” website also belongs on “their” website…. LOL. We definitely need NEW language, that’s for sure!
The post–

You have just SHIFTED in some fundamental way that will alter the course of your life. You would not be reading these words if you hadn’t. Oh yes, I know, they may have just happened to appear under your nose, or maybe someone happened to send them to you for some reason. Nonetheless, YOU would not be reading them unless it was for a reason from within your own soul. It simply cannot be otherwise. THAT is how Sovereign you are.

And so, YOU have just SHIFTED in a fundamental way. Congratulations! Of course, you can call it a “radical course correction” to ease the initial shock if you like, although it is more than that. “Fundamental” is the key word. It means “basic,” “central,” even “key,” actually… and “generative.”

You did not just happen to SHIFT all of a sudden, in other words. Your genetic makeup has been doing the shifting for you, very gradually over several years. WHY? Because you directed it to. HOW? By sifting through all the contrast your life has presented you with thus far and finding out what you do want through experiencing what you don’t want.

Your DNA pays meticulous attention to every thought, emotion and desire you send it to process, because YOU are the God of the universe you call your physical body. Therefore, you have been preparing well in advance for the unique SHIFT that you, yourself, created in order to LIVE your heart’s desire.

I just wanted to point out that fundamental, basic, key, generative, HUGE, detail.
It’s important to know that YOU are the Sovereign Authority over YOUR own SHIFT!

There is much more running through me that I want to share with you, and probably for my own sake… as we experience this sort of unprecedented SHIFT, we need witnesses. We  need cheerleaders. Yet we are still surrounded by those who are not even aware that their own SHIFT has occurred… loved ones, even, and that is a whole other “can of worms,” or so it seems but isn’t really.

For NOW, what is important is to claim your SHIFT as your own creation, to know that everything is in perfect order… and to know that you are not alone. WE are here together.
Namaste for NOW, my fellow travelers.

Namaste for NOW, Beloved… but not really.  WE are here together NOW.
You SEE why we love You Always and in All Ways! — the celestial team

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Shift Just HAPPENED!

Beloved, take this in and to heart, please! You are indeed stepping into your future. The seeds are indeed within the fruits You have harvested NOW. They are all around You, for they have grown from within You. SEE them, FEEL them, and CLAIM them, Beloved! Hold your future in your own hands, for it is YOURS.
How we love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


TODAY… SHIFT happened!
Facilitated by our Aquarius New Moon on the first day of the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey, you may have felt it happen within a few very intense hours yesterday, as I did.
Or, you may be just beginning to glean that you have shifted.
Or possibly, you could be resisting what the shift is showing you.

If that is true, I strongly encourage you NOT to, because regardless of what you ”think” about it, it HAPPENED. Instead, I suggest that you stop “thinking” about what you “think,” comb through the fruits of your experiences over the last 48 hours, put the pieces together, and let them tell you their message.

This is important because a NEW Era is beginning for you, personally!
Like it, don’t like it, or love it, whatever you were sowing in the garden of your life has come to fruition. And…

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What’s Up NOW? YOU Are. Feeling Anxious? Pay ATTENTION!

Greetings, Beloved! Just look at YOU, entering this portal year of your 2016… do You see what a priviledge that is, what an honor, what a clear sign of your mastery at navigating frequencies that is? If not, we encourage You to take our word for it. There is nothing You need to know about “how” to BE a master of navigating frequencies, either. Nothing that has already been “done” is relevant NOW. Your mastery unfolds in every NEW moment… You show yourSELF your mastery as You use it, You might say! But oh, You are NOT alone… your entire universe is with You, offering responses and guidance to You every nanosecond. Thus, we find that the guidelines our Judith has perceived and so is sharing with You in her post are excellent for multiple reasons. The core of them all is to begin to follow your OWN guidance system! So, use them to TAKE STOCK of what you have experienced since the beginning of this NEW Year. This Mercury retrograde was, indeed, cosmically aligned to give You this “time” to do exactly that. PAY ATTENTION to any conflicts that erupted, and/or anxiety that arose, increased or even persisted. Every single experience of DISSONANCE gave you the opportunity to make a “course correction.” Nothing just “happens randomly,” after all! So TAKE STOCK NOW, Beloved, as the energy begins to settle down, and USE those experiences of dissonance to release the JUDGMENTS and RESISTANCE that created them (yes, in You and for You, Beloved!)
How we love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Whoa, there sure is a lot of anxiety in the air! As soon as Mercury went retrograde only six days after this very NEW kind of New Year began, the anxiety in our human collective began to build. A few days ago, it became downright palpable.

But then, since anxiety is a felt manifestation of inner conflict, I am not at all surprised. In fact, I’m somewhat relieved that so many among us are already feeling this NEW year of 2016 as very different from what we have experienced before, and so feeling what we call “anxiety”… which really is nothing but an indicator that we are not in alignment with what IS. And what IS from NOW on means whatever our heart’s desire.

Boy, being as sensitive to energy as I am, I’m sure glad  I’m not a “typical” psychotherapist who pathologizes anxiety as meaning that something is “wrong” with their clients… with all of this anxiety going…

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Breathe Out, Breathe In… HAPPY 2016!


Breathe in our frequencies, Beloved! Breathe in the Love/Light. Breathe and FEEL our Love/Light as You pull it into You. Feel how GOOD it feels… how good YOU feel when You pull Love/Light into You. Then breathe it out and pull in MORE of it!

You can do that all day long, every single day if You like. There is always more. The same is true of anything You desire. Just as you breathe out to receive a NEW breath, You pulse out frequencies in order to receive them in form. And always, You receive the form that matches your frequencies precisely.

That is why we tell You that giving and receiving are not separate acts. That is also why we have been telling You since your year of 2010  that You are a Reality Creator. You create your own reality though your frequencies… ALWAYS, without exception. And THAT is what You must understand in order to create the reality You WANT to create!

We will remind you of THIS, as well:
Only by stepping into BE-ing  a Sovereign Reality Creator, ruled by no one, will You step OUT of your old paradigm of enslavement. Only by claiming your Sovereignty  as a CONSCIOUS Reality Creator will You leave illusions of scarcity behind. And when You do that… EVERYTHING changes.

Fears born of scarcity lead to fear of others, which leads to war and enslavement by the few who use your fear to control You. Imagine a reality without any of that in it! A whole NEW PARADIGM, is it not? And only YOU can create it, and You can only create it for yourSELF. There is no other way, for just as You ARE Sovereign,  everyone else is as well.

However, what You create for yourSELF  effects others profoundly, because none of You are separate from one another! This paradoxical truth cannot be comprehended through the third dimensional paradigm of separation and enslavement.
Here are the Frequency Technicians–

Greetings. We are the Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting from the grand orchestra of the celestial team.
Only when one has stepped into the NEW PARADIGM of 2016 as a Sovereign Reality Creator can such paradoxes be understood through experience.
We suggest that You begin NOW.
We have a suggestion of HOW to begin as well. Of course, whether You follow our suggestion or not is entirely up to you.

We suggest that you make a pledge to yourself to begin 2016 CONSCIOUS.
By that we mean as who and what you are and have always been– a Sovereign Reality Creator who can create whatever your heart desires.
We suggest that you ground your pledge into your energy grid with an action.

The action we suggest is to offer a reciprocal energy exchange after reading this post by pressing the appropriate “donate” widget to the upper right of your eye line.
The amount should NOT be more or less than your heart desires to give.

Your heart will never desire to give an amount that would cause you lack. You can trust your own heart! If you discover in the process that you do NOT, that will be a very important discovery, indeed… a GIFT to you, in truth. You will not want to enter 2016 without trust in your own heart, we assure you.

We also assure you that whatever you offer freely from your heart in support of our earth member Judith’s ability to continue the work she does with us will bring back to you much more than you offer.
By “us” we mean not only the celestial team but your own guides, for they are frequent collaborators in choosing what needs to be transmitted through us particularly for YOU.
Therefore, there are more beings in your cosmos that will respond to you with gratitude than you could ever count.

We are the Frequency Technicians. We wish you a Happy 2016,  for more reasons than you could ever count as yet.

As do we ALL, Beloved! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

<3 <3 <3

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CHRISTmas Eve 2015

“You are a reality creator. You are made of Source energy, of Love  Itself!  We tell You with absolute certainty that You are on this planet to create what your heart desires. Your internal technology keeps you intimately connected with the larger part of You that is still and always will be Source energy… continually guiding You towards whatever your heart desires, and alerting You when your OWN FREQUENCIES cause interference.

We are here with You in this tele-gathering to tell You how to stop interfering. We are here with You to do all we can to get You to let yourself receive your heart’s desires. That is what You came to do… love what You love and make MORE of it.
Never will it be more important to do so than in your year of 2016.”
the celestial team, THE PARADIGM SHIFT TELE-GATHERING, 12. 22. 2015

To receive a recording of THE PARADIGM SHIFT TELE-GATHERING–

Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $10.00 via Paypal by pressing the “donate” tab in the right sidebar.

Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $5.00 via Paypal by pressing the “donate” tab in the right sidebar.

The link to download your recording will be delivered to you by email within 48 hours.


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Judith here (albeit very firmly prodded by the celestial team, lol)– “GENTLY/firmly,” of course (as I was just prodded to add, lol)– to remind you that THE PARADIGM SHIFT TELE-GATHERING is TOMORROW (12/22) at 3:00 P.M., PSTD!

There are still a few spots open;  apparently “waiting to be filled” is a better way of saying it. If one of those spots is waiting for YOU, you’ll feel the resonance within you, I’m sure. TRUST it.

TO REGISTER– Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $15 via Paypal to BY TOMORROW (12/22) AT 11:A.M. PSTD. The toll-free phone number for wherever in the world you are will be emailed to you.

TO PREPARE– Use the powerful solstice recalibration that will innundate us ALL at 8:49 P.M. PSTD tonight (12/21)! Simply GIVE yourself that “time” to sit quietly, open your heart center, and intend to RECEIVE.

You CAN do this.

Even if you are at a social gathering. Even if you are in the bustle of holiday shopping. You CAN go off by yourself for a few minutes to RECEIVE. You CAN pull over if you are driving. You CAN go outside. You CAN even find a stall in a restroom to claim for 5 minutes (we already do that whenever we need to, lol, so you already KNOW YOU CAN.)

You CAN find a way.

That’s important… knowing that you CAN DO what YOU need to do, and then DOING it.

Can you FEEL it? YES, YOU CAN!


Copyright(c) 2015, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.


How To NEVER Get What You Want! A NEW Video

Beloved, here is one more “piece of the puzzle,” as You might say, that we wish You to have. If You put it together with the others that have been offered through our (and your) Judith over the last several of YOUR days, they distill into a very simple truth. “More than the sum of it’s parts,” as You might call it. ALCHEMY is what we call it.
Always and in All Ways You are LOVED– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


This NEW PARADIGM energy sure is gathering a lot of momentum very fast. I’ve just been through about five days straight cresting the waves as the New Moon/12.12 Gateway peaked– which in my case meant running a whole lot of very intense high frequency energy though me– and I am ready to ebb for awhile! At least until the BIG ONE starts gathering momentum (probably any minute, lol). The final solstice of 2015 on December 21st/22nd is going to be the biggest wave/download/upgrade we’ve every crested/received/expanded into. Whatever you want to call it, all those words apply.

That’s what it’s all about NOW… riding the waves, going with the flow… becoming our flow. Which is another way of saying HOLDING OUR SIGNAL, I just realized. Which is obviously really important, because it’s why this energy has had me posting everyday, and offering Gift Private Sessions, THE PARADIGM SHIFT Tele-Gathering on Dec. 22nd…
and then there’s this…

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Do You FEEL the energies in your 12/12 Gateway, overlaid with your New Moon’s inundation? Do You feel them in YOU?
Undoubtedly You do. They are transformative indeed. Remember that everyone on your planet feels them too. Such energies are volatile, and will move one very fast into whatever one’s frequencies are focused on. We asked our Judith to share this gift she is offering with You. Knowing how to HOLD YOUR SIGNAL, and practice doing so until it becomes as automatic as breathing, is your ticket to Sovereignty NOW.
Isn’t it exciting, Beloved?
How we thrill at your adventure! How we love You! Always and in ALL Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

To every follower of any or all of these:
Facebook pages “Beyond Therapy- We Are All Magicians,”
the celestial team; Love/Light Messages for Navigating Now,”
YouTube channel “fromthecelestialteam”—

It is my pleasure to offer:
My Happy New Year Gift to you throughout the rest of December 2015:
Private sessions by phone or Skype for less than half the usual  reciprocal energy exchange.

One hour private session: $70.00
Thirty minute private session: $40.00

To schedule a session:
Contact me by email—
Include preferred dates and times if you have any, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your session.
Include your phone number if you like & I’ll get back to you by phone!

WHY am offering this gift to you?
Because I love dong what I do, and you deserve a gift!

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Hold Your Signal!


This is Judith. For all who are at least occasionally attentive to the correlation between what they think and what soon “happens” in their “reality,” it is becoming increasingly obvious that there IS a connection. Which means that is becoming increasingly obvious that we are “reality” creators.

It is no accident that the truth of that is being presented in increasingly rapid and dramatic ways. It is becoming quite clear that SEEING OURSELVES IN ACTION– transmitting frequencies that then manifest into a “reality” that matches them– is pretty important right NOW. Sometimes drama is required to get our attention.

It is certainly clear that we are getting all the drama we need in order to see ourselves in action, because it is becoming dramatically obvious that we need to begin to use our internal technology to “HOLD OUR SIGNAL.” Holding our signal means to hold OUR OWN FREQUENCY, of course.

Fighting against what others do is engaging with their frequency and so amplifying it. Even unexpressed resistance is only an energy drain that works against us. Which doesn’t mean that giving into signals is our only option!

I know you may know that, but either “fighting against” or “passively submitting” seemed like the only two choices for a very long time. The Law of Entrainment is a powerful force. In this case, it has so much momentum behind it that many still haven’t experienced the far more indomitable power of holding our signal… of simply HOLDING OUR OWN.

Nonetheless, the lesson that FORM follows FREQUENCY is absolutely
everywhere these days. Even in the smallest interactions, we are being shown that “reality” matches the expectations we bring to it. So if we all just practice HOLDING A SIGNAL OF LOVE, much of the drama we may experience otherwise will not “happen!”

What WE pulse out, WE create. It is Universal Law. So I asked the celestial team to transmit that through their perspective, since Universal Laws are nothing NEW to them. And their response surprised me.

No we will not,” they said (fizzed, actually). “YOU are the one who is having these awarenesses! YOU are the one among us who is experiencing this momentous paradigm shift from human enslavement to Sovereignty!  WE have never done that, You know… nor has any other species in our universe. WE are fascinated by what YOU have to say!”

Do you SEE what that means? WE ARE POWERFUL. We are SOVEREIGN. And we are MASTERS.

Then, the celestial team asked me to remind you to register for the THE PARADIGM SHIFT Tele-Gathering on December 22nd at 3:00 p.m pst, if you haven’t already! The Frequency Technicians are coming through, and some of them HAVE been on this planet… some still are, albeit in different form. But they will tell you all about that, and what that has to do with US right NOW, in the tele-gathering, I’m quite sure.. and anything else you wish to ask them.

So if you haven’t yet registered, there is still room, so just press the “donate” tab in the right sidebar, offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $15, and the toll-free phone number and access code for wherever in the world you are will be emailed to you.
Namaste for NOW!

  <3 <3

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