GOOD QUESTION #1! How Can I Tell If I’m Running An Enslavement Program?


Beloveds, in this very moment You are in the waxing energy of your potent Full Aquarius Blue Moon– the most potentially “loaded” one of your lifetime, you might say. It is indeed loaded with the power to potentize the potential of whatever is the focus of your own frequencies. And it WILL. It is our hope that You will real-ize that it is no accident that we offer You this post at this “time. ” Read it deeply. FEEL it in your physical body. USE it to potentize your NEW deep breath of Sovereignty!
We love You. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

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Welcome to the Master’s Class of “Being the Sovereign Reality Creator You Truly Are and Creating the Life You Truly Want Because It’s NOW or Never!” Lol, that just flew out of me… kinda long, huh? Wait a second, who says so, anyway? And why? Those are very good questions, btw, and right in alignment with the subject at hand. As is my response to them… Deal with it. That’s what this Master’s Class is calling itself.

Just in case you missed either one or both of my last two posts, the Master’s Class was seeded by all the questions I received about “New Moon…Don’t Make It OLD!” on 7/16. Then in my last post “GOOD QUESTIONS! The Many Petals of ONE Rose” on  7/27, I promised  to answer every one of them, because each one addresses a crucial awareness needed in order to stop running old enslavement programs…

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Hold These Things… You Will Be Just FINE!


Hello, Beloved.

This is Judith AND the celestial team. We (all of us) are suddenly popping in on this particular day of the grand, unprecedented game of Timeline Hopscotch that we (Judith and You) are currently engaged in– because it is not only a very powerful day, but the beginning of an entirely NEW and powerful process for us (Judith and You). We (all of us) have both Venus and Uranus to thank for that, for the Goddess of Love turned retrograde yesterday, and the Great Awakener has joined her today. There is much that could be said about the potency of the transformative potential their teamwork will offer to our (Judith’s and your) OWN great awakenings, but we will save that.

Right NOW, as our Judith feels the intensity of this dynamic NEW energy gathering very rapidly, we wish to reinforce and amplify your OWN powerful energy by giving You two things only– to hold onto, hold within You, and hold in mind.
They are all You will need to stay clear, confident, and stable in your chosen state of well-being, which can only grow as it gathers momentum from your own steadily-held  frequencies! We strongly encourage You to feel the truth of that and relax, for it will be both best and easiest on You to keep your focus clean and simple for the next few days.

Our first offering is a reminder of what the Frequency Technicians told you in our last message–
“As vibrational beings, You feel the focus of your frequencies as states-of-being.
We advise You to choose ONLY feeling states You want to LIVE in, regardless of all current external factors.”

You see how SIMPLE that is, Beloved? We also encourage You to re-read the Frequency Technicians entire transmission within that last message, and as often as You feel a resonance of desire to do so. It is both exquisitely encoded with concentrated support and impeccable in its focus.

The second offering we wish to give You is the visual that our Judith added below, which brings ALL of our frequencies into the mix, and so will make the next days even MORE fun for You…we ARE fizzy, as You know! And You know what makes us so joyfully fizzy, don’t You…  the frequency of LOVE, of course.

Love what you loveYou will be just FINE, Beloved! You ARE fine, have always been fine, and NOW You will KNOW how fine You are. En-JOY yourSelf in the confidence of JOY! 

Always and in All Ways, we love YOU– the celestial team (ALL of us) <3


If You received, please remember to reciprocate, as giving/receiving are one energy, and each relies on the other… and most especially NOW. To complete the reciprocal energy circuit, simply press “donate” in the right sidebar and offer your energy exchange– of ANY amount! Even a dollar is something worth counting, and a true gift if it is given from the heart. If everyone who received these messages offered but a dollar in return, Judith would receive a river of sustenance… enough, at least, to support her in doing what she loves, which is to bring these messages to You.


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We greet You with absolute attention in your current non-linear moment of time, Beloved! Indeed, the attention of your entire universe is riveted on how rapidly You are jumping from one timeline to another these days. Truly, from our “bird’s eye” perspective, we tell You that You are playing hopscotch with timelessness, itself.

We understand how disconcerting this may be after experiencing “reality” as one linear continuum for so long. Thus, we do not wish to distract You from adjusting to your NEW multi-dimensional focus– and yet we DO wish to briefly share what WE see from our bird’s eye perspective of this timeline hopscotch You are engaged in. That is because our view will give You a much bigger picture, which perceived through a linear perspective would look like “over time,” extending far into the future. This will give You the crucial awareness of not only where You are NOW, but how IMPORTANT your current game of hopscotch is.

In order to be clear rather than confuse You even more than You may already be, we will focus very, very, intently on “getting right to the point,” as You say… and NOW we are laughing! Excuse us, but the sixth and seventh dimensional Sirians among us whom You know as the Frequency Technicians have just reminded us “that finding a single point is as challenging from OUR multidimensional perspective as your current experience of playing hopscotch with many points all at once is to YOU.” And they are quite right, which is why we are all laughing so merrily with ourselves, of course!

It is also why we are delighted that they have offered to come through with a “solo,” as our Judith calls it, and take over the explanation on behalf of the all of us. The Frequency Technicians are indeed the masters of laser focus, You see… they create structure with sound, even whole worlds when their focus of light is added. You will recognize them through their frequencies perhaps, and the tone as well as the brevity of words used to transmit them.
Greetings. We are the Frequency Technicians.
Focus your attention into our words. Incorporate them. Then use them, for that is their purpose. You are at an unprecedented convergence of every possible timeline of “future reality” that You are capable of choosing from the entire octave in which your current frequency signature resides. That is a gamut of possibilites beyond numbering. This rare convergence is not stationary, as all consciousness is continually expanding outward. It is therefore a passing opportunity in which ANYTHING is possible.
Use it well, for what You focus on, so You choose. It is the focus of your frequencies we speak of. We advise You to not underestimate the power of your frequencies.
As vibrational beings, You feel the focus of your frequencies as states-of-being. We advise You to choose ONLY feeling states You want to LIVE in, regardless of all current external factors.
For some of You, life currently seems to “change on a dime,” so to speak.
Understand that your life does not “seem to change on a dime”… it DOES.
This profound instability is the best guide You could have NOW. Far better than any of us could be, or any other being in any realm of this universe, for it is your OWN frequencies that You are feeling. There are no other frequencies more finely attuned to your highest good and your power to create it than your own.

On the other hand, remember that You are sovereign, and can create anything You want. No one and no thing can stop You. You are free and untethered. Therefore, take full responsibility for your sovereignty and the power of your frequencies, and choose your feeling states consciously and on purpose. Expect no more miracles or power greater than yourself to rescue You. YOU are the miracle worker. There IS no power greater than your own in this universe, for the power of its Source flows through You.
We, the Frequency Technicians,  bow to your power and honor your mastery.
We strongly encourage You to do the same.
This is the celestial team, back in full chorus once again! And we are most grateful for the words our Frequency Techncians have shared with You. Do You see how EASY it is NOW, Beloved? Simply FEEL the highest, happiest frequencies You can, HOLD them, and they will hold YOU on the timeline that offers You everything You are here to enjoy. And quite rapidly, too– IF You hold fast to them, and the ONLY way You will is by LOVING yourSELF enough to make it your top priority to align with the frequencies that express YOU at your most joyful (and isn’t it about TIME?). It cannot be otherwise, Beloved! This is the physics of your universe, as the Frequency Technicians would say… and they use it “all the time.”

How we Love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


If you have read this transmission, you have received a great deal of energy that has been offered on your behalf, and that is wonder-full! Please support Judith with a reciprocal exchange of energy by pressing the “donate” tab in the right sidebar. The amount offered is not as important as the offering. If every reader contributed only a dollar or two each time they received from this site, Judith would have a washing machine and many other comforts she does without in order to do what she loves most of all– which is to bring these messages to YOU!


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NEW Moon… Don’t Make it OLD!


Greetings Beloved… most tender greetings, indeed.
You are in your “time” of DIS-illusionment. We can feel from many of You that this phase of expansion was unexpected and so is a bit “rough” to experience… yes, MORE than a “bit” rough, perhaps. We know. Even those among you who understood that the releasing of old illusions is necessary to get FREE of them… well, it is one thing to expect and another to experience, is it not? We know that, too.
DO take heart, as our Judith says in her post! There is no way to expand beyond illusions unless they are DISengaged from, and many of the ones You believed in most fervently were… “implanted” within You, shall we say. And all we wish to say about that for NOW is that it is the deepest weeds that are the roughest to pull, for the earth holds whatever is planted within her as her own without judgement… just as YOU have.
But nothing that is not in alignment with the highest good of your earth OR You is allowed to sap your divine life force any longer, and that is something to CELEBRATE… at last! It is also why we send our tenderest frequencies to you NOW. Never doubt that You will THRIVE… at last!
How we LOVE You. Always and in All ways– the celestial team

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New Moon. Whether you “think” that means anything to you personally or not is– get this, please, because it’s big– what you “think” it means  is IRRELEVANT.

On the other hand, if you “think” it means that the energy of the New Moon is going to do something for you, or bring you something– while you sit back and wait for “whatever happens”– that IS relevant. DON’T DO IT!

The days of being a passive, helpless receiver of “whatever” comes your way are over.
The days of “trying to be a good little boy or girl” so that God, or Source, or whatever you worship as a power greater than yourself… as your MASTER, in other words… will “have mercy on you” are over.

But stop and REALLY think for a minute…  Do you truly want to continue to live that way? If you do, so you will, and…

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Celebrating Independence, Celebrating the Freedom of INTER-Dependence!


Greetings, on this day after what is called Independence Day in what is called the United States, to all of you blossoming FREE Human/Celestial Beings of Frequency!

Our greeting comes through the words of human Judith AND is from all of the celestial team. Just as you are reading it through your human eyes AND all of your celestial aspects are receiving it with you… except for the ones who are in the greeting with US, of course… lol, it really IS “time” to stop playing the either/or game! It just doesn’t FLY anymore… never did, actually. But our human frequencies have risen so far ABOVE it that it would have to fly to catch up with us… which it can’t of course. Way too heavy for that, the “either/or game is. 

So I/we are just popping in to remind you TO NOT GO DOWN TO PLAY IT ANYMORE! And all of the celestial YOU that is also part of this message knows exactly what I/we mean, and are at your service–because it is a game of enslavement, and all programs of enslavement were dissolved during the solstice on June 21st, 2015. Yet we human aspects of US are so used to living like slaves that we don’t even know it, anymore. Enslavement has come to feel like “normal life.”

So here is the crucial tip we also popped in to share–
Anything you do from a frequency of dependency on others for your happiness (like needing someone to understand you so he/she will GIVE you what you need)– and/ or from a frequency of servitude for the sake of your survival (like paying bills from a sense of lack and helpless obedience)– is OBSOLETE. It will only keep you living as a slave who has been freed but only knows enslavement so keeps living like he/she is still a slave, anyway.

Ha, I KNOW this message may not seem very useful when first read. It doesn’t tell you what to DO, after all! Very true. That’s the point. 



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NEW Beginning, NEW WAY, Coming Up!


Judith here. I just realized that it’s been over a week since the celestial team and/or I have posted a message, so I wanted to briefly check in and tell you WHY. As best I CAN, anyway… especially briefly.  It feels like the minute I begin, I’ll also begin unraveling more, and more, and more… which I DON’T want to do at the moment. And WHY I don’t… well, that would begin the unraveling.

I am definitely learning a thing or two about beginnings. They never END. And there you go. That’s exactly what this “check-in” is about… you see what I mean? Beginnings are NEVER only beginnings. They are endings, as well. Even MORE than that, they integrate both into one, and introduce future beginnings.

So as a HUMAN/celestial being of frequency, I have been BUSY lately, lol!
YOU are busy, too.

We’re clearing out and integrating and preparing for our future in the NOW– right NOW– because a BIG NEW one begins on Summer Solstice. We’ll soon begin to manifest form from frequency faster than ever before.

What I’m here to suggest (I just NOW realized) is to NOT try to sort any of it out.
INTEGRATE instead! Recognize what is old, release judgment, and integrate what you LEARNED from it. And love youself for it. Love yourself, love yourSELF, love YOUR SELF.

THAT is how you transform old into NEW!
Through LOVE. And love is seeded within before it blooms… it all begins in YOU.

<3 <3 <3


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MORE Tips From Within the NEW!


Hello, Beloved! We will not tarry with our transmission, as it needs to be a “quickie,” as our Judith calls it, which we find both charming and correct. We only wish to add the reason why it is correct, as some may still think of the old linear, crowded “things to do list,” of which each “thing” must be checked off as quickly as possible. Ah, but that is NOT the reason NOW in the NEW Energies that wil resonate You into an entirely NEW Paradigm of Being!  NOW, it is all about FLOWING WITH your OWN energy in accordance with its/your own continual expansion. The tempo of your flow is always changing. Sometimes it slows, sometimes it quickens, sometimes it ebbs. It is the flow of YOUR energies as they harmonize and dance with the NEW energy You are in that sets your pace NOW. Remember that Beloved, and do not worry about “setting schedules and making lists” any longer. NOW, just as your birds catch the current of the energy and FLY in them, so can YOU.
Well, that was quite a “Tip From Within the NEW” already, was it not? Indeed, it was. And so, we give You to our Judith. She will “flesh it out,” as only You divinely human beings can!

This is Judith… to say WHAT, I have no idea anymore, since everything I was going to say, you just read in a richly encoded nutshell! All I can “flesh out” about that is something you already know– to receive all of that information, you have to tune into the FREQUENCIES encoded in the words. The same is true about getting into your own energy flow in order to harmonize with, dance with, and FLY on the currents of our NEW energy miliue– you (me, we all) have to know our OWN FREQUENCIES to do that.

And about doing that, the very best thing I can do for you is direct you to the newest, most alive, most current NEW in-the-moment information about stepping into the NEW that I (and the celestial team,of course, nudge, wink) have to offer in this particular NOW–

1. The NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERINGS are packing a wallop of energetic activations, NEW perspectives and PRACTICAL tools to use NOW into each teeny 100 minute or so segment, the last of which will be this Sunday, 5/24 at 4:00 p.m. pstd. Recordings of the prior three are also available. To participate in Sunday and/or receive recordings, just click the link at the top of the site and you’ll be walked right through to receiving whatever you ask for in less than two minutes.

2. Not only that, but the celestial team and I will be LIVE on the radio this Thursday at 1:00 p.m. pstd! Maartin Horst has asked us to be his guest(s) on his weekly online show, ET-First Contact, and we will be delighted, because we have a LOT to say about the NEW energies. We also want to reach as many who wil listen as possible right NOW, because the confluence of the energies we are in NOW is the “choice point” we’ve been preparing for, and is also one that will never come again. So tune in! And have no doubt, the celestial team will feel your frequencies, so tell them your questions ahead of time. Just call on them and they’ll be right there listening. And then, YOU listen for their answers in the broadcast– they will be there.
Here’s the direct link to the show:

Hope to feel you with us in both of these experiences. Let’s all stay attuned!


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What you seek is seeking you
— Rumi

We’re IN it NOW… Tips From Within the Midst of NEW


This is Judith. About two weeks ago, I managed to catapult myself  into a very heightened and intense experience of “Paradigm Shift.” I’m in the middle of it NOW, and I know this only because I’m very aware of how I got here (which actually isn’t a “here,” but we don’t have words for these multidimensional experiences… yet). The catalyst is/was the NEW ENERGY Tele-Gatherings the celestial team and I are presenting this month.

At first, I had no idea what I was in for. I’d presented six Energy Tele-Gatherings monthly through the second half of 2014, and although they each sent my frequencies soaring for days afterward, I didn’t end up somewhere else entirely as a result. But that was because they were spaced farther apart, for one thing. And that was then, for another.

NOW, we truly are in NEW ENERGY. NOW, our frequencies are increasingly higher (the Law of Resonance), and therefore we are becoming increasingly sensitive to subtle shifts in frequency. NOW, the way our perceptions shift right along with our frequencies– which in turn shifts our experience of “reality”– is not so subtle anymore. Or won’t be for very long, anyway, depending on where your baseline frequency is at the moment.

Since you are reading this post, yours is likely fairly high already, which means you are probably beginning to experience at least a few dis-orienting shifts of perception. This dis-orientation from the limited perceptual range of the 3rd dimension and into a NEW 5th dimensional orientation is exactly what we’ve been waiting for, of course… and it IS wonder-full!

That said, the process can also be a wee bit harrowing at times, especially when it feels less like a gradual process and more like a sudden quantum leap. And you are likely to experience that at least a few times (if you haven’t already), depending on the particular harmonics you’re vibrating in. Which brings me to the reason for this post.

The celestial team has asked me to share some of my experiences and awarenesses with you while I am in the midst of such a leap. This is what we will all do for one another, eventually. Since none of us will make this shift in the same way or order as anyone else, whenever any of us leaps ahead as a frontrunner, we’ll share our discoveries as guidance for the others.…if it resonates with them and if/when they choose to use it.

This is also why the celestial team has been encouraging us to not look “up” to them for guidance, but to find it within us and then share it with one another. Which is the perfect segue to guide me into sharing something about the concept of “up and down,” “higher or lower”– and so even about “ascension,” itself. (By the way, everything I share here will be from my experience, so if it doesn’t resonate with you, just forget about it.)

From my experience, “ascending” is an old paradigm perception. We are not going anywhere “higher.” We are already there. The shift into a 5th dimensional perception is one of expanding beyond the limited experience of the 3rd in order to perceive ourselves there– as well as projected here. We had an unexpected guest at the last NEW ENERGY Tele-Gathering who gave us quite an experiential demonstration of this. And what an expansive trip he was…

The name he gave us to call him was Adonai. I recognized his energy immediately as 6th dimensional Sirian, from the collective in the celestial team that call themselves the frequency technicians. I was also pretty sure he wasn’t coming through “on his own.” In any case, he wasn’t necessarily a “he,” either, even though the frequency technicians do carry very strong masculine energy.

In a nutshell, Adonai came to do some “straight talk” about our illusions of separation. After making several concise points about how illogical such illusions are, he gave us the final punch line, so to speak. To paraphrase (but pretty close!), Adonai said,  “Okay, look. I came to talk to you as ONE guy, right? Well, the truth is, I’m part of a collective. So did I Iie? Not anymore than YOU lie when you say you’re ONE human being! You’re part of a collective just like ‘I’ am. And your collective is part of a collective that’s part of a collective and on and on, just like mine is. Don’t you GET it?”

LOL! I told you he was a trip. And he sure made POINT pretty powerfully “up close and personal” with the participants. NOW, what I’d like to add from my human experience is that actually living the truth of what he said in one’s own human beingness can be extremely disruptive to the psyche at first. When I began experiencing myself in many dimensions simultaneously three years ago, it felt like I was hallucinating– and would likely have been told just that by 3rd dimensional “experts in psychology.” Fortunately, I am one of them, so I knew enough to know I was not. And NOW, while I’m also experiencing the merging of collectives, and so their dimensions… well, I’m glad I know a thing or too, that’s all I can say. Because YOWZA!

Here are a few NEW things that were confirmed for me in spades and really, really, fast–

It takes GROUNDING to have such experiences without freaking out (short-circuiting). Grounding IN your body, grounded ON/IN the earth. Spending time in nature, feet on the earth, will help enormously. The earth is a mutidimensional collective, so Gaia will HELP you integrate your NEW experiences.

There’s also an exercise the celestial team gave me to introduce in the next NEW ENERGY Tele-Gathering that activates the process of integrating our higher and lower chakras through the heart center– which enables us to experience ourselves multidimensionally while still living in the illusion of our current “reality.” If you’re interested, check out the “NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERINGS!” page by clicking the link at the top of the site. These tele-gatherings are really powerful and amazingly helpful, so if you feel the subtlest bit of resonance, then I suggest you do register, by all means.

A couple other things it might be good to know about before you begin to experience yourself “walking between the worlds,” so to speak–

When moving back into “current reality” from a more expanded state of being, you might find yourself unable to remember how to use common everyday devices and/or machinery right away. For example, this morning I had no idea how to use my coffee machine. It was as if I’d never even seen such a strange contraption before, lol. (It is funny, but I mean it!) And last week, I got in my car and realized I had no clue how to even start the engine, much less drive it. PLEASE don’t be alarmed and tense up in resistance! These kinds of experiences don’t last more than 15 minutes or so, and I’m only telling you about them so you WON’T be alarmed when/if you have similar ones. (Just don’t try to drive until you remember how!)

Another thing about moving in and out of perceptual states is that it includes moving in and out of “timelines” (since there is no “time” as we know it beyond the 4th dimension). This means that you might suddenly find yourself grieving over a loss you experienced decades ago as if it just happened a minute ago. On the other hand, you might find yourself exhilerated over something wonder-full that happened when you were in kindergarten as if you are still five years old and its happening NOW. Of course, its the painful re-visits we make to ourselves “in the past” that are the most distressing, which is why its good to know that its simply part of the expansion/realigning/upgrading process. Not only that, but it integrates those experiences, so each time they will be softer, gentler, you’ll begin to feel loving compassion towards that hurting aspect of you, until finally, they settle into YOU, and are at peace.

Man, there is so much more that wants to come tumbling out of me, so many experiences that I’d love to share with you! Yet I also sense that this is probably enough to digest for NOW. So, I’ll leave the rest for another “time,” and close (for NOW!) with something I wrote on my other website ( describing what its like to have an awareness in an expanded state. You’ll hear echoes of Adonai’s description of being a human being in it, I’ll bet–

110px-Escher_Circle_Limit_IIISo for NOW, I’ll just say that what makes the awarenesses that have been coming to me so dazzlingly thrilling is how exquisitely simple they are in their intricately interwoven expansiveness. That’s quite a mouthful, sorry– but just wait till you SEE! Within a single awareness, several others will open like flowers, and even more will shoot out from it like sparks that connect with many others, and then they ignite and grow flowers and shoot sparks… It is a totally NEW Paradigm way of experiencing consciousness altogether, and so elegantly beautiful that it fills me with wonder. You are going to love it!!!


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NEW ENERGY, NEW GPS! Join the celestial team on May 10th to Get YOURS Up and Running!


We greet you with much excitement, Beloved– You are fully in your NEW ENERGY at last! 

We wish to point out that we did not say the ENERGY is NEW. You did, indeed, enter it on your solstice of 12.21.12. We are excited because YOU are fully in it NOW! You see, entering an entirely NEW ENERGY is one thing. Recallibrating yourSelf entirely INTO it is quite another.

And You have spent the last two of your years doing exactly that, As You recall, we offered monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings through the last six months of your 2014 to assist You with that final phase before entering your 2015. That was by design, of course, in order to prepare You for spiraling into readiness through the first third of this entirely NEW year.

Quite a whirlwind of getting “up to speed,” was it not? But You did it, Beloved!
NOW, You are in your Orientation Phase, which is a whole NEW sort of whirlwind altogether, and a most exciting one. We wish You to experience the excitement, the adventure, the pure creative FUN of this phase.

In order to do so, the critical keyword to hold in your consciousness is “NEW.”
Nothing is the same in this NEW ENERGY. We mean that in the most absolute, intrinsic way. It is an entirely NEW Paradigm of “reality” altogether.

You cannot possibly orient to a NEW Paradigm by using old paradigm methods.
To attempt to do so would not only make what could be very easy seem impossibly “hard,” it would get You nowhere but lost. To illustrate this, we will use the very human, yet also very apt, metaphor that
 our Judith used in one of our tele-gatherings last year–

If You are moving from Cleveland, Ohio to an island in Tahiti, would You expect a map of Cleveland to be useful in finding your way around your NEW tropical island?

Of course You wouldn’t! You KNOW better than that. Remember what You KNOW, Beloved, and remember that where You are NOW is even NEWER than a move across your globe. In you NEW ENERGY, there IS no map. It is NEW uncharted territory, and one in which the very concept of “maps” as you know them do not apply.

But what You DO have is even finer! You have a NEW Global Positioning SystemLike your old ones, it relies on wave lengths. UNLIKE your old ones, however, your NEW GPS  does not need a satellite. Nor does it need unobstructed lines of sight, or any other conditions.

Your NEW GPS is within You. Its NEW technology is the best You have ever used. That is within You, as well, for it is powered by your own frequencies. And it is so easy to operate that it is “hard” to fathom at first, coming into it from your old paradigm as You are.

That is why we, with our earthly member Judith, have offered the NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERINGS in this month of your May. We absolutely LOVED presenting the first one on your Sunday, May 3rd– we could feel the energy crackling as the information connected and went LIVE within all who joined with us that day!

And NOW, we will ask our Judith to offer details about how to receive the recording of that tele-gathering– as well as how to “crackle right along with us” in the next ones! We are doing so because we feel the frequencies of some who are reading this transmission,  and feeling the resonance within themSelves to join us very powerfully.. a few for the very first “time.” Ah, how we welcome you, Beloved! How exciting this NEW ENERGY is! 

Hi, Judith here… it really WAS amazing, the first NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERING! I could go on and on about it, but since I know its better to find these things out for oneSelf,  I’ll just say that what amazed me most is how PRACTICAL it was. Only a few years ago, the celestial team’s messages were powerful because their frequencies are so high, they awakened our own to reach for them.

Well, their frequencies are STILL high, all right!  And sure, they still raise our own, sure they still inspire us… but the information they shared with us in the last NEW ENERGY Tele-Gathering was so darned USABLE... I mean, right HERE, right NOW!

And what this confirms for ME is that, not only are we in NEW ENERGY, not only are OUR frequencies much higher NOW– but that WE are READY to be NEW, at last– right HERE, right NOW.

May 3rd, May 10th, May 17th, and May 24th
4:00 p.m. pstd until 5:30-6:00 p.m. pstd
(whenever the gathering is complete)

Reciprocal Energy Exchange– $20.00 per each
With recording– $25.00 per each
Recording only– $15.00 per each

To Register–
Offer your reciprocal energy exchange via paypal to
(You can do this by pressing the “Donate” tab in the right sidebar)
Note the gathering(s) and/or recording(s) it is offered for.
The international phone number and access code for the gathering(s)
will be emailed to you.
The recordings will be emailed within 48 hours, or 48 hours after
a tele-gathering is presented.

Questions? ASK me! Either on this site or by email to <3

How we love you, Beloved! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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NEW Energy, NEW Paradigm, NEW Way of BEing– A Series of 4 Energy Tele-Gatherings with Judith & the celestial team coming in MAY!


This is Judith, and YES, finally the NEW ENERGY Tele-Gathering I felt forming is on its way, and in a NEW form as well, of course– since everything is NEW these days (and NEW won’t stop coming, either). THIS Energy Tele-Gathering is coming as a series of FOUR weekly segments beginning on the first Sunday in May. But as I attempted to describe them to you in words, the most extraordinary thing happened. All that came through clearly was a sampling of the many crucial topics and lessons that will be offered… and then I was STOPPED!

And stopped again. Hello, Beloved! Extra-ordinary indeed, are we not… stoppng our Judith in this audacious way?  Well, we are no more extra-ordinary than You are NOW (whether or not You are audacious). In truth, we stopped her from describing our NEW ENERGY Tele-Gatherings in written words precisely because of how extra-ordinary You have become. Words are a very poor substitute for FREQUENCY. We suggest You stop relying on mere words at all, because they will tell You very little from NOW on. That is why we asked our Judith to simply sit down in front of her camera. Oh yes, she was surprised! She had no idea what to say… but she did it anyway.

She just opened her mouth and started to talk– how else was she going to keep your attention while she/we/your guides/your “higher self ” (which is actually You) communicated to You, in You, more than words ever could? So watch the video, Beloved. Do listen to the talking of course, for the human voice when spoken from the heart is the most powerful instrument of all through which to carry frequency, and words help the listener to decode them when used in this way. And take in all that is NOT said in words but through them, around them, between them! We wanted You to get it ALL, You see… or will see, soon enough.

Okay, then… Judith again. Here’s the video. Right under it is the sampling of crucial topics, etc., that will be part of the NEW ENERGY Tele-Gatherings (as well as energy alignments, frequency attunements, and answers to personal questions whether you ask them or not). And right under that is everything else you need to know, including how to register.

The Power of Your Frequency and How to USE It;
The Transformative Power of Understanding PARADOX;
Using the Law of Resonance in Tricky Relationship Dynamics;
Using the Law of Reciprocity to Create Frequency-Resonant Experiences;
Tools to Use When Where You WANT to Be is Too Big a Leap;
The MAGIC FREQUENCY for Creating Something NEW;
The MAGIC INTENTION that Makes the Best Choice FOR You.

Everything else you need to know, including how to register–

Sundays, May 3rd, May 10th, and May 17
4:00 p.m. pstd until 5:30-6:00 p.m pstd
(when the tele-gathering is complete, in other words)

Reciprocal Energy Exchange:
$20 each or $70.00 for all four
With recording, add $5.00 for each, $20.00 for all four
Recording only: $15.00 each, $50.00 for all four

To Register:
Press the “Donate” tab in the right side bar,
offer your reciprocal energy exchange via Paypal,
specify the tele-gathering(s) or recording(s) it is intended for,
and THAT’S IT! You’re in the circuit the moment its received.
The international phone number for your location and personal access code to the tele-
gathering will be sent you well in advance by email.

Much Love/Light to You, Beloved! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


P.S. Judith here.
In case you’re wondering why the reciprocal energy exchange (some call it “cost” but please don’t use those frequencies HERE) for the Tele-Gatherings is so “low” (ditto)… that is a very good question to ponder. Especially since a few followers who are “competitive marketing experts” (yikes) tell me they are “worth” $70- $90 each. And they get very LOUD about that once they find out I live hand-to- mouth just… doing what I do for free (bless their hearts)– which I LOVE doing, btw! Just sayin’… something to ponder, isn’t it? For me, too… for ALL of us.



Copyright(c) 2015, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:


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